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Deerfield Township Quilt Barns

On October 3, 2010, Deerfield Township and the The Arts Alliance unveiled Warren County's first quilt barn at Fleckenstein Park. The Fleckenstein Park quilt barn was the first of what The Arts Alliance hopes will be the beginning of the Warren County Quilt Barn Trail.

Click on the links below to find out more about the quilt barns found at Deerfield Township parks.

Quilt Barn Name


Date Installed

Fleckenstein Flower  

Fleckenstein Park

October 3, 2010

King's Crown

Carter Park

August 27, 2011

The "Circle Game"

Cottell Park

September 21, 2013



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History of Quilt Barns

The quilt barn, sometimes referred to as barn quilts, was created in 2001 by a then-Ohio Arts Council employee named Donna Sue Groves. Groves' mother had recently purchased a farm in Adams County, Ohio and as a gift to her mother, she had a quilt pattern recreated to an eight foot by eight foot replica and attached to the side of the barn. The quilt barn revolution was born. Catching on all over Adams County, a quilt barn trail was soon enjoyed by quilt barn enthusiasts.

Since then, over 23 states in this country have embraced the quilt barn project with over 2100 quilt barns showcased around the country. Quilt barn artwork can be original art or can be fashioned after the original family quilt or history.

"Quilt barns are remarkable public art forms that embrace the history of the family, the land and the county," said Meredith Raffel, Executive Director of the MDAA.

"Quilt Barn Trails have not only great artistic, historical and educational value, but they also have economic value, too," said Raffel.

Quilt Barns also help to encourage an oracle history and bring neighbors together and talking about the history of the land and the county. The Mason-Deerfield Arts Alliance (MDAA) is looking for those who are enthusiastic about the project, fiber arts, quilters, historians and community members who might like to volunteer for a Quilt Barn Committee. For more information, please contact the MDAA at 513.309.8585 or visit