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Public Right of Way Information: The public right-of-way is typically the area between the curb along residential streets.  The township maintains the roadway pavement, curb, storm sewer, and signs within the public right of way. 

The water and sanitary sewer utilities are maintained by the Warren County Water and Sewer Department.  They can be contacted at 513.695.1377 or via their website

Right-of-Way permits for roads within Deerfield Township are issued by the Warren County Engineer’s Office.

For detailed right-of-way widths, locations or problems within the roadway, please contact Eric Reiners at 513.701.6958 or by email.

Whose road is it?

Roads throughout Deerfield Township are maintained by the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT), the Warren County Engineer, and Deerfield Township. (Below are a list of roads maintained by Warren County and ODOT.) With the exception of private streets, all other roads are maintained by Deerfield Township.

If you need to report problems on a roadway that is maintained by the Warren County Engineer or ODOT, please see the appropriate links below; for all other issues on Township Roadways, please contact Eric Reiners at 513.701.6958 or Jim Houston at 513.583.4793

The State of Ohio is responsible for all States Routes and Interstates (i.e. Interstate 71, 3C Highway, U.S. Route 22/3).

ODOT maintained roadways or 513.932.3030

Warren County Engineer's Office takes care of county roads, including, but not limited to Columbia Rd, Snider Rd, Butler-Warren Rd, Mason-Montgomery Rd, Socialville-Fosters Rd., Natorp Blvd, Duke Blvd, and Landen Dr.

Warren County Engineer's Office or 513.695.3301

License Plates - When purchasing or renewing license plates, please ensure to mention that you are a resident of Deerfield Township.  The Township receives a portion of the cost for plates for each vehicle you own.  Those dollars are then forwarded to the Township for use in repairing and maintaining Township roadways.