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One of the most common types of crimes deputies encounter during the summer months is theft.  Thieves on the prowl can easily and quickly glance into the windows of your vehicle to see if there are any items of interest inside.  In a second that new GPS device you just bought or your child's iPod is gone without a trace!  Often, the thieves have to do nothing more than open up an unlocked car door to get inside.  To discourage these individuals from taking your hard-earned property, take a second before getting out of your car to look around for valuables and remove them from view.  Also, it is always a good idea to lock your vehicle both in public parking lots as well as in the driveway of your home.  Making yourself a hard target is the best method of crime prevention.

Deerfield Township lies in the southwestern portion of Warren County and borders Butler and Hamilton Counties. The Township is approximately 16 square miles and has a residential population of over 36,000. In addition, Deerfield Township and the City of Mason have the largest business base in Warren County making the daytime population well over 100,000.

Deerfield Township contracts with the Warren County Sheriff's Office for police services. Deerfield Township supplies a substation for the Deputies to work out of. This contract has been in place for many years and the relationship is excellent. The Deerfield Township Post has 25 Deputies assigned to it. This includes one Lieutenant, five Patrol Sergeants, two Detectives, one D.A.R.E./ Crime Prevention Deputy, and sixteen Enforcement Deputies.

In addition to the above positions, there are several cross-trained Deputies assigned to the Deerfield Township Post. Many have received training in operating a police-equipped bicycle, and four are members of the Warren County Tactical Team. Also, two members have received "Top Cop" awards from the MADD Organization in 2008 and 2009 for their diligence in arresting and prosecuting impaired drivers.

The Deerfield Township Post currently has 25 marked enforcement vehicles and 2 unmarked detective vehicles. Each vehicle is fully equipped with the latest technology available to law enforcement professionals and we continue to improve and upgrade our equipment as necessary.

We are a very service-oriented agency that supplies superior police service to the people who live, work, and visit this community.

The substation is located at 4900 Parkway Drive, Suite 100, Mason, Ohio 45040. (Deerfield Township)