About Finance

The Fiscal Officer and finance staff provide quality, transparent financial information to the Deerfield Trustees, residents, administration, employees and other external customers. 

The Fiscal Officer is an elected official who serves independently from the Trustees. However, the Fiscal Officer must work closely with the Trustees assisting them in carrying out their legislative authority. The collective goal is to ensure that all decisions and actions comply with the laws and regulations of township governance. 

The Deerfield fiscal office is responsible for the custody, investment, and disbursement of all township funds and follows the investment policy established by the Board of Trustees. The office has an obligation to insure that our records are as accurate as possible; therefore, the office takes the extra step of requesting an annual audit of our financial records. 

The fiscal office works closely with the township administrator and staff in developing a budget that prudently uses the township’s financial resources.  The Fiscal Officer and finance staff are constantly reviewing our processes in order to find cost-effective ways to enhance the financial services we provide for all our township residents and customers.

Since 2009, the fiscal office has published an audited Comprehensive Annual Financial Report consistent with state and federal requirements including Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). The reports are available by selecting the links below.