Economic Development

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In May 2019, Deerfield Township approved the creation of a Community Improvement Corporation (CIC) to manage economic development activities.

CICs were established by the State of Ohio General Assembly in 1961 under Senate Bill 299 and are currently defined under the Ohio Revised Code (ORC) 1724.

CICs essentially are non-profit economic development corporations created for the following purposes:

Advancing, encouraging, and promoting the industrial, economic, commercial, and civic development of a community.

According to Chapter 80 of the Ohio County Commissioners Handbook, “CIC’s assist with the promotion and financing of economic development by providing loans to individuals and businesses; buying, selling, and leasing real and personal property for economic development purposes; and, by entering into contracts with the state and local governments.”

By creating a CIC for economic development purposes, Deerfield Township is better able to control (re)development activity throughout the township.

The Deerfield Township CIC is guided by an Economic Development Plan and the following mission:

Facilitate collaborative, strategic, and sustainable economic development in Deerfield Township that improves the lives of residents, increases business investment, and promotes the Township as a thriving and vibrant place to call home.

If you are in locating or expanding your business in Deerfield Township or interested in potential development opportunities please do not hesitate to contact Paul Brehm, the Economic Development Director at 513.770.2386.

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