What are you looking to do?

I am starting a project and need a permit.

I want to find my Zoning for my property.

I am a resident/business in Deerfield and I need help with the Zoning process.

I would like to find the township Comprehensive Plan or Zoning Resolution.

I would like to file a zoning complaint.

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About Planning and Zoning

Deerfield Township’s Planning and Zoning Department strives to enrich the community with vibrancy and connectivity under the guidance of the township’s comprehensive plan. Through their work, the Township stands as a model of other political jurisdictions throughout the State of Ohio.

The department relies on their experience and creative planning principals to guide land use, provide outstanding customer service, and to develop the Deerfield community in a smart, safe, and sustainable manner.

The Planning and Zoning Department is responsible for administering the Zoning Code, driving the comprehensive planning process, enforcing rules and regulations, and other land use regulatory processes.

Who do I contact about locating my business in Deerfield Township?

Paul Brehm is our Economic Development Director/Public Information Officer. He can be reached at 513.770.2386. He can provide you with the direction and resources you need to begin the process of bringing a business to Deerfield. You can find information here on our Economic Development pages.

Who do I contact regarding the zoning approval process?

PJ Ginty, our Planning Manager at the Township, along with Sam Hill, Planning & Zoning Director, are tasked with working with clients to guide them along in accordance to the Township Zoning Resolution. Call the Township at 513.701.6958 to schedule a meeting or discuss specific questions pertaining to the Zoning process.

Do I need a Business License?

A "Use Verification" form is needed to ensure that the proposed use complies with the zoning resolution and any applicable Planned Unit Development regulations.  All other questions pertaining to a Business License or requirements should be directed to Warren County.

Where can I find the resolution regarding signs and public right of way?

Resolution 2006-57 "A resolution authorizing the removal and destruction of signs placed in the right-of-way of public roads."