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Deerfield Township Comprehensive Plan: Vision for 2035

Deerfield Township Comprehensive Plan 2022: Becoming Deerfield: your voice, our future

The Comprehensive Plan was adopted June 21, 2022 under the resolution 2022-33. It establishes guidelines and goals to provide structure and predictability for future development in the township. 

Zoning Map

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Welcome to our new interactive zoning application. This map is designed to locate Zoning in your desired area quickly by using the address search box feature. If you having troubles finding your zoning you can contact us at 513.701.6967.

The Zoning Resolution

Zoning Resolution

The Zoning Resolution establishes the regulations for the use of land within the township in the interest of public health and safety. It details the process required for new development or redevelopment and the standards necessary for that development.

Amended April 19, 2019  | Amended November 15, 2019 | Amended July 17, 2020 | Amended February 15, 2024

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