A Notice to Rose Hill Cemetery Guests

July 15, 2016  |  cemetery, press release

Deerfield Township’s Rose Hill Cemetery, not unlike other cemeteries in the United States in recent weeks, has been inundated with visitors playing the ‘Pokemon GO’ game on mobile devices. Similar to the sentiments of other cemetery curators and caretakers, Deerfield Township does not consider playing of this, or any game on cemetery property an appropriate observation of respect and dignity to those who have been laid to rest there, nor their families and friends who visit their loved one’s graves.

More, Rose Hill is an active cemetery, which means we regularly hold funerals and burials there, nearly every day. This brings in droves of families, mourners, and clergy graveside for final services—for whom we must respect their privacy and peace.

We respectfully request all would-be visitors to observe these simple points of etiquette and decorum, and conduct themselves accordingly while visiting Rose Hill.