Deerfield Township Administrator

December 27, 2016  |  administration, press release


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Deerfield Township, OH — December 27, 2016 — As we head into 2017, we want to share some exciting and important news about the future of the Township and our team.

During the last decade, our community has experienced significant growth and change to Deerfield, and we’ve not only weathered that change, but thrived. Much of the reason for our success can be attributed to great planning and a solid, stable local government. During these times, our elected officials and staff took a team-based approach with detailed planning and solid leadership in serving our community. Now, as we head into 2017, we want to share some exciting and important news about the future of our town and our team.

Late last year, Bill Becker decided to retire after more than 40 years serving the public sector in Ohio following various leadership roles. Bill was most recently appointed Administrator of Deerfield Township in 2011, where his broad experience and steady hand provided an immediate and lasting impact. His leadership and dedication proved to be invaluable, as he led our organization through many challenges while we tackled a series of ever larger and more significant projects. Since late 2015, we have been discussing how and when to transition to a new Administrator when the time came that Mr. Becker decided to step away.

With the dawn of a new year, and with Mr. Becker’s full support, we are seamlessly transitioning to a new Administrator on January 1st, as Eric Reiners, your previous Director of Public Works, will assumed the role of Township Administrator. Mr. Reiners has been with Deerfield in various assignments since 2006, and while working for the Township, earned his Master’s degree in Public Administration. He has become a reliable and integral member of our senior leadership, and will now take the lead in executing this Board’s vision for Deerfield. After working closely with Bill and the executive team for a number of years, he has our complete support to lead this organization for years to come.

We are pleased to announce these plans, and trust that residents and businesses alike will find Mr. Reiners’ leadership as accommodating and skillful as Mr. Becker’s. Deerfield has a number of vital projects taking place over the next several years, and as a Board, we look forward to tackling them with fresh eyes and renewed enthusiasm. As we push away from the dock once more with a new captain, we bid a fond farewell and best wishes to Bill in his retirement, and are eager to embark on new challenges with Eric at the helm.