New Duke Substation On Socialville-Foster Road in Mason

January 10, 2020
Duke Energy Logo

Deerfield Township, Warren County, Ohio – Duke Energy will be constructing a new 69-13.2 kilovolt (kV) substation at 4547 Socialville-Foster Road, in the City of Mason, Ohio.


The substation will connect to an existing 69-kV transmission line, which will provide greater capacity and enhanced service reliability for the surrounding area including parts of Deerfield Township.


Nearby residents can expect the construction of the substation is start in April and be completed by December of this year.


During the construction phase, home and business owners can anticipate skilled contractors and trade workers in the project area during daylight hours.


Upon completion of the project, all construction materials and debris will be removed, the right of way will be restored as closely as possible to its original condition, and all disturbed or exposed areas outside the substation fence line will be re-vegetated and seeded to establish ground cover and protect the soil from erosion.


Any questions regarding the construction of the substation can be directed to Duke Energy at 888.527.5116, or by email questions at


A map of the location of the substation can be found by clicking here.