NOTICE: Deerfield Township CDBG Project ROAD CLOSURE

August 24, 2015  |  Public Works, road closures

Davis Rd. will be closed at the intersection of Old 3C Highway, for approximately five (5) hours 8:30am – 1:30pm on Wednesday, August 26.

Davis Rd. had 727 tons of full depth repairs from Primrose Drive to Old 3C Highway earlier this month and will now receive a “Black Mat” type surface treatment, which is designed to extend the pavement life. This surface treatment work will take place on Wednesday, August 26 and Thursday, August 27, weather permitting. Residents should expect delays during this improvement project.

This “Black Mat” treatment does not take the place of paving. It is a maintenance treatment for the roadway surface that will help to extend the useful life of the existing pavement. When the treatment material is initially applied it may have a rough appearance and uneven color. This will change to an even and smooth condition as the material reaches its final cure in a few months.

Davis Rd. will have parking restricted as the treatment is being performed; and at times may not allow for access in and out of your driveway or street (Emergency Vehicles Only). The work side will be clearly marked/coned off. Depending upon weather, the surface treatment coating can take 3 to 4 hours to cure; therefore, it will be applied to your street early enough in the day so it can dry and normal access can be restored by the time you would typically come home in the afternoon. During that curing time, I would encourage you to share parking with a neighbor, or park across the street if you need to go out of your home during the 3 to 4 hour drying time window.

We realize that whenever we work on the road in a manner that restricts your ability to use your drive, it is a disruption and inconvenience. However, we ask for your cooperation in order to complete our project. Preventative maintenance like this helps extend the time until major and more disruptive work becomes necessary.

You will receive additional notice 24hours in advance of the work taking place, if you live within the project limits on Davis.

We ask for your patience and cooperation as we try to finish up this busy construction season.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.


Billy Highfill

Deerfield Township Project Coordinator

(513) 701-6978