Plan Ahead for Your Morning Commute

February 19, 2019  |  ODOT

Plan Ahead for Your Morning Commute

ODOT is preparing for accumulating snow and ice expected to begin overnight and continue through tomorrow morning. Plows will be out in force all night, but drivers should plan extra time for tomorrow's commute - here's why.

Winter Weather Expected: A few inches of snow throughout Southwestern Ohio, changing to freezing rain, then rain. Snowfall will be moderate to heavy, falling in a short period of time and it will be wet snow.

Timing: Wintry weather moves in overnight and it's likely that snow will still be falling during tomorrow morning's commute and roadways could be slick. Traffic could be moving very slow. 

Challenges: The two biggest challenges for plow drivers will be the timing of the storm and the rate of precipitation. More vehicles on the road for the morning commute reduces the ability to clear the snow since the plows get caught in the same slow-moving traffic as other drivers. Once traffic clears and ODOT has room to work, progress can be made. 

What Drivers Should Expect: If snow is still falling, pavement will be snow-covered. ODOT's goal during a storm is passable, not perfect. Drivers should anticipate a slow commute Wednesday morning until the snow stops and crews have room to clear lanes. 

Plan Ahead: Allow plenty of extra time to safely reach your destination tomorrow morning. More than 120 ODOT crews will be working on interstates, state and US routes in Southwestern Ohio so be alert and don't crowd the plow. 

For more information contact: Brian Cunningham at (513) 933-6517.