Record Rainfalls and Flash Flooding in Deerfield Township

August 21, 2018  |  public works, soil & water, weather

Deerfield Township – Record amounts of rainfall are causing flash flooding in parts of the Township, especially near Simpson Creek.

Staff is working diligently to address the flooding issues. We ask for your patience as this is a complex issue and rainfalls are far exceeding what is typically experienced in the Township.

If you are or have experienced flash flooding please fill out the Request for Assistance form on the Deerfield Regional Storm Water District website here:

About Flash Floods - A flash flood is a flood that develops quickly, often during or within hours of intense storms with extreme amount of rainfall.

Several factors affect how quickly a flash flood develops and occurs. They include: vegetation types, soil type, soil water content, topography, and proximity to rivers and creeks.

Flash flooding can occur without warning and so quickly that is catches areas and people off-guard. If you are in an area that is experiencing flash flooding seek higher ground. Do not walk, run, or drive through flood waters. As little as six inches of water is enough to sweep a person or vehicle off of a roadway.

Additionally, do not throw debris into the flood waters in an attempt to slow it down or dam it up, things like grass clippings and logs can clog up drainpipes and increase the intensity and danger of the flood waters.