Small Business Assistance

June 30, 2020
Warren County Small Business Development Center

Attention Deerfield Businesses


In March, the CARES Act was signed that created additional funds to empower America's SBDC network to provide support for small businesses impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. 


That grant is now being implemented in Warren County and surrounding areas by your SBDC. Two independent contractors have been hired to cover over 400 square miles and the entrepreneurs within. 


The services are complimentary and confidential. There is NO Cash Match required of this legislation. This program will expire in about 15 months.  The SBDC will continue to provide core services not related to COVID with our Career Center based staff. 


Topics and Resources pertain to:


  • Workplace protection for employees, customers and vendors
  • eCommerce development to enhance/grow clients products & services
  • Cyber Security for SMB- How to play defense!
  • Disaster Preparedness- in case a future COVID relapse or other contingencies
  • Website Management & Social Media Marketing- this will be very popular
  • Hospitality/Restaurant/Lodging Training, Recovery & Resiliency
  • Real Estate- How to work with landlords, creditors and other officials on a legal level
  • HR- How to do more with less staff; cross training; staff empowerment
  • Access to Capital/ Lender Management: SBA Loans, state & local grants, credit scoring
  • Accounting: QuickBooks and Cash Flow Management & Stress Testing Your Finances


Our assigned consultant is:


Mr. Mike Kelly, CFP®, CPC

Owner, Right Path Enterprises, LLC

Founder | Principal Advisor, Kelly Financial Planning, LLC

(513) 379-2527


You can schedule time to meet with Mike. He is available to meet via phone, virtually or in-person on Tuesday mornings 8:00 am – 12:00 pm. Please contact the Deerfield Township Economic Development Director Jim Flick at 513.770.2386 or to schedule an appointment.