Socialville-Fosters Road at Innovation Way Opening Today at 2PM

July 8, 2016

Today at 2:00 p.m., Socialville-Fosters Road will be open at the intersection of Innovation Way. The intersection has been closed for approximately six (6) weeks for the construction of a new roundabout. This project has been completed as part of ongoing work on Socialville-Fosters Road that provides additional access connectivity to the Western Row Road Interchange. The Western Row Road Interchange will be expanded to include a new southbound exit ramp from I-71 as well as a new northbound entrance to I-71. For more information about the progression of projects, visit

Socialville-Fosters Road will continue to be closed over I-71 as the replacement of the original two lane bridge is underway. The bridge will be replaced with a five lane bridge that will also carry a sidewalk.  Approximately 2,000 feet of Socialville-Fosters Road will also be widened to five lanes including a sidewalk from Innovation Way to Columbia Road.  Traffic signal improvements will be made at the Socialville-Fosters Road and Columbia Road intersection.